Life's Dream

—By Swami Yogananda

Dedicated to Mount Washington Educational Center

The Summer-East and the Wintry-West

They say—but Mount Washington

Named rightly after that pioneer

Of Freedom's great career, Thou dost stand,

The snowless guardian Himalaya

Of the Angel Land—

In perpetual green regalia.

Nippon's camphor trees and

Perfumed wisteria and smiling roses,

Palm, date and well-beloved

Spicy bay leaves of Hind —stand close,

With endless scenic beauties

Of ocean, canyon, setting sun,

Moon-studded sky

And nightly twinkling cities

To declare Thy ever-changing beauty.

On Thy crown Thou shalt newly wear

A priceless starry-school

Which in all future near

Shall draw the lost travellers

Of the East and West

To find their goal and one place of rest.

Here one path shall merge

With all other paths.

Here the love

Of Earthly Freedom's paradise, America,

Shall blend fore'er

With Spiritual Freedom's paradise, India.

Here church in deepest friendliness

Shall all other churches meet.

Here the temple, the mosque, shall greet.

Here the long-divorced matter-laws

Will wed again —in peace— the Spirit laws.

Here all minds will learn

That —True Art of living life.

And the way to start straight

To the One great place

Where all must meet at last.

Jehovah! This is the land of solace

Where my Life's Dream

—In truth—reappears!


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