Swami Yogananda Says:

Fools think the East and West

Cannot meet,

But wise men know they do,

For Truth is everywhere the same.

A sunny mentality

Contains the ultraviolet rays

That kill all mental bacteria.

Don't shut out the rays by a glassy look.

When people are hungry

They feed themselves,

But when they go into the house of God,

They often expect someone else

To do the praying for them.

If you read one hour, work two hours,

And think three hours.

Think always you are healthy and happy.

Eat good food but less of it,

And walk more.

Every human faculty like a tender plant

...Can be nourished

By the waters of healthy exercise.

If you have a sweet tooth,

Eat Nature's candies—

Prunes, raisins, dates and honey.


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