A Prayer—By A Disciple

Infinite One! Thou art mine own,

To know and cherish forever.

Those faces that enchant me,

Those hearts that are filled with kindness,

Those qualities of mind that are most kingly,

All, all, are Thine, dim lights

...That faintly hint of Thine own matchless wonder.

I cannot turn my gaze from Thee,

For the flowers of Thy love are everywhere.

I cannot blot the sun and moon

In their high heavens, nor the running water

And the waving trees, nor the kindly faces

And the gentle morn,

From my sight, and these are Thine,

So art Thou ever before me.

And in the darkness

Of my closed eyes and quiet mind,

Thou art doubly near and dear.

Thy loveliness is inescapable,

Even as Thy countenance is unseen.

Thou dost lure me with a quenchless hope,

An eternal memory.

Like a bird I fly thru the atmosphere

Of Thy omnipresence.

Oh giver of Life,

Let my gifts be unending like Thine!

Make me strong like Thy mountains,

And pure as Thy flowers,

Clear like Thy streams and deep as Thy seas.

Thy moods are infinite,

But Thy changeless love is more endless

Than the farthest reaches of sky.

Thy mysteries are overwhelming,

But Thy wisdom is greater.

When I consider the worlds

Thou dost hold in the palm of Thy hand,

My spirit swoons with Thy magnitude,

But when I will know the extent of Thy love,

I will become one with Thy starry vastness.

To think on Thee

Is to become breathless ...with wonder

And beautiful with Thy reflection

—Oh how can I thank Thee

That Thou didst remember me

In Thy existence and Plan?


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